Street Accident

Street accident is a daily affair in Bangladesh. Street accidents generally take place on the busy roads. There are many causes of street accidents.

Roadside defects excessive speed. Dangerous overtaking, reckless driving disobeying of traffic rules are the main reasons of street accident Lack of public awareness is also responsible for accident. Very often people tray to cross the road without following traffic signs and rules, As a result they are run over by vehicles. There are vehicles and unskilled drivers are responsible for this. Street accidents have dreadful effects in our life. Every year thousands of people lose their lives and many more are injured in street accidents. We must take some steps in order to get rid of this national problem. Traffic rules must be enforced strict. The reckless drivers must be given exemplary punishment. Beside constructions of spacious roads. Double way road will minimize the problem. On-motorized vehicles must not play on the highways and people must be conscious while crossing the road.



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